Why bag length is different during bag making?

In the process of bag making, sometimes the length of the finished plastic bags is different. The products produced in this way are unqualified. What causes this phenomenon? We should pay attention to the relevant operation of the bag making machine from the following aspects to prevent this kind of phenomenon from happening again.

1. There is a lot of dust on the photoelectric head of the plastic bag making machine
When there is too much dust on the photoelectric controller, it will affect the luminosity and intensity of the laser, so that the length of the plastic bag cannot be controlled accurately.

2. The photoelectric head equipment problem of plastic bag making machine
As the quality of the bag-making machines of some merchants cannot be guaranteed, and poor-quality photoelectric head accessories are used, the sensitivity is not up to standard. The solution is to replace the photoelectric head.

3. The running speed of the plastic bag making machine is too high
As a result, some matching accessories cannot be up to speed, and the speed should be reduced for testing.

4. The longitudinal sealing knife is too tight
Increase the feeding pressure.

5. The feeding and pressing devices of the plastic bag making machine are not synchronized
Feeding is too fast, too slow or too tight, and the pressing device is too loose, this phenomenon is prone to different lengths of plastic bags.

6. The tracking point of the bag making machine is not obvious
Tracking accessories are of poor quality, or if they are used for too long, the actual effect is not obvious, and they cannot perform their due functions well.

Post time: Oct-15-2020